sestinaqueen (sestinaqueen) wrote,

Am I too old for a simple joke?

What goes ha-ha bonk?
A man laughing his head off!
I made that joke up when I was five or six years old
A simple joke, no thinking required
Based on sound and imagery
We smile as we tell them, our anticipation and glee

I like the simple ones (the puns I tell with glee)
What goes ha ha bonk?
brings back certain imagery
A time when I could laugh my head off
and no reason was required
the benefits of being not so old

Is there a point when we become too old
to feel that unbridled glee?
Or is adulthood something that requires
what goes ha ha bonk
to be shelved and crossed off
with the rainbows and kittens and childhood imagery?

Or can we retain all that imagery,
even past the time we are too old?
Can we pass it off
as a simple joke, a bit of remembered glee?
What goes ha-ha bonk?
No excuses for telling required?

But then it seems a lot is required
when one is an adult, and in our new scenery
What goes ha-ha bonk?
Is supposed to be a joke that is old
worn out and too infantile in its glee
to think of laughing our head off

The humor is written off
it seems almost required
that we no longer find the glee
in the man without the head, the imagery
now invokes scary tales even more old
the headless horseman does not go ha-ha bonk

So instead of feeling joyful glee and the interesting imagery
of a man laughing his head of, instead I am required
to act my age (thirty some years old.) Well I say "What goes ha-ha bonk?"
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